Download / Stream: Color Plus – Key Lime (Album)

Last week, we posted Los Angeles based record label and blog The Melt’s first compilation. On it, was the likes of Deebs, Obey City, Djemba Djemba, Queen Leaf and this man, Color Plus. Based out of Connecticut in the States, Color Plus is a relatively unknown producer and beatmaker, yet on his Bandcamp page you’ll find three stellar tapes. Late last night, London based producer Thefft tipped us off on the latest of the three, ‘Key Lime’. According to Color Plus, it’s basically a “collection of B-sides” – a statement that will leave listeners desperate to hear an A-Side of his. Download and stream ‘Key Lime’ below, it’s operating on a generous ‘Pay What You Like’ scheme.

Download: Color Plus – Key Lime

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