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Interview: Yung Gleesh


We interviewed the self proclaimed “Shit Bag Shawty” and Slutty Boyz affiliate Yung Gleesh ahead of the release of his street album “Aint Shit Changed” and mixtape “1-8 Zone Shawty” on July 4th. He talks about stealing beats from Zaytoven, working with Gucci & 1017 and “The Gleesh Chronicles”. He also does a very good English accent…

Video: The Breakfast Club Interview with Miguel

Interview: Yung Lean (Sad boys) & Premiere of ’5th Element’ Video

Yung Lean

You may have seen us posting a couple weeks ago about the work of Yung Lean Doer after we became addicted to his track ‘Ginseng Strip 2002′ and ‘Grey Goose’ following the tip from our our spiritual guide Issue on him and the Swedish posse of rappers the ‘Sad Boys’ of which he co-founded. Coming out of Sweden, Yung Lean Doer (or just Yung Lean) is a rapper cut from the same cloth as the likes of Lil B, Kool Keith and Metro Zu, and the Scandinavian artist looks to be the latest addition to the list of rap’s avant-garde.
We caught up with him for his and the Sad Boys’ first ever interview…

Interview: Shannyn Sossamon

Shan 1

You’ll undoubtedly recognise Shannyn Sossamon from films such as A Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger, 40 Days And 40 Nights with Josh Hartnett, Goran Dukic’s Wristcutters and the cult classic The Rules of Attraction.

Interview: suicideyear


We managed to catch up with Baton Rouge rap producer Suicideyear to talk about his upcoming project ‘Japan’ as well as everything from his inspirations and future plans, to his house partially burning down in 2011 and ruining his t-shirt making equipment.