One on One with a Model: Cailin Russo Interview

Cailin Russo

Chances are, if you’ve ever been on the social media site Tumblr, you’ll be familiar with Cailin Russo. The American model is currently signed to No Ties Management, and became one of the most reblogged faces on the net with her Tony Kelly shoot for American Apparel. For our latest ‘One on One with a Model‘ feature, we spoke to Russo about everything from Justin Timberlake to London to singing to Cara Delevingne. Russo is also a Tumblr and Twitter addict herself, so check her out below.

Cailin Russo: Twitter / Tumblr

Hey Cailin, thanks for taking the time to speak to us. How’s 2013 for you so far? You’re in London now right?

Sure thing, sorry it’s taken me a few days I had a kind of packed weekend. Yes, I’m in London right now … 2013 so far has been amazing! Smooth sailing, nothing extraordinary has happened but I’m happy and content right now with what IS happening.

How’s London treating you? I lived there for 8 months and couldn’t handle it – it was just too hectic. I think it’s a love / hate thing.

London is SO COLD, but the weather almost keeps you awake (if you’re outside … otherwise it puts you to sleep because your heater is probably blasting like me …) I love the city, but some days I definitely don’t. Ha I’ve been busy here so its been really tiring. Weird, I couldn’t wait to go home a week ago but now that my departure date is creeping up I don’t want to go.

Am I right in thinking your 19? Are you still balancing school with modelling or are you just modelling now?

Yes, I’m 19. I’m not currently attending school but maybe in a few years I’ll go back to it. If I was in school I don’t think it would be very scholarly, I think I would rather focus my energy on a creative school. So I am just modeling right now while I can.

For the people who don’t know, could you just tell us about how you got discovered and what have been your modelling highlights so far?

Well, I was discovered when I was 16 by my current Agent /Agency (Jules Newmark @ NoTies Management) at a trade show (ASR) in Southern California where I still currently live. Some highlights could be modeling for : Abercrombie in the Summer of 2012 we stayed on an island off the east coast for a week, it was such fun and madness, the catering was amazing too. Also shooting in Byron Bay for Reef last February was amazing, I got to ride horses in bathing suits and hang out in a wicked mansion with a bunch of surfer boys + my current boyfriend Luke Davis. Meeting people at shoots always is a highlight too, I think I’ve made some of my best friends through shoots, I am so blessed for the people I meet on my travels and jobs.

That American Apparel shot of you must be one of the world’s most reblogged photos, is it a little bit weird thinking about how many people must have seen your face? The internet is mad like that.

The internet is definitely mad like that, it is weird in some senses but for the most part I like it. I think I like the attention … as awful as that sounds I like the feeling of people seeing me and being curious as to who I am. The American Apparel shoots were also really fun. I don’t think I would be anywhere without those shoots and Tony Kelly (the photographer who first shot me for them)

We recently interviewed and shot a video with Giza Lagarce, and she takes a very similar approach to you on social media – you’re constantly updating Tumblr, answering fans questions and you’re Instagram is incredibly addictive. How important do you think social media is for a model? 

Social media is super important, depending on how you want people to see you and get to know you. I’m constantly talking to people and updating for fun, it’s entertaining and I like to entertain.

We read on one of your Tumblr answers that you don’t think high fashion brands would consider you – what makes you think that? How hard is it for a model to get into that field?

Ha, yeah I don’t consider myself a high fashion model … well to keep it real, I’m short and I have nothing on tall editorial girls. There are 2 different types of models … “commercial & editorial” where as I fit the candid commercial California girl, and I think that’s all I’ll ever be, honestly. And I’ve come to just accept it, but then again there is always the exception.

Who would be your top three brands to work for?

Three is hard, probably GUESS, Victoria Secret PINK (but who wouldn’t) and Free People (there are PLENTY MORE I would LOVE to shoot)

If you could chose one photographer and one model to collaborate with on a dream shoot – who would they be?

I honestly can’t even say with models because there are so many beautiful people out there I would just hope to shoot with someone I could naturally connect with the best. As far as photographers go I’ve already had a great run with photographers such as Ted Emmons, Tony Kelly (I mentioned earlier), Michael Donovan, Ashley Haber and Bruce Weber. I would still love to shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth.

Who’s the world’s number one model right now?

Cara Delevingne, you literally cannot escape her face. You go glenn coco.

I also read on your Tumblr that you have an “adventure list” – could you give us a tease of what’s on it? 

I HAVE AN ADVENTURE LIST YES. Some currently include going sky diving, taking a spontaneous trip to Mexico camping in the park, going bungee jumping … there are plenty more plans but I will not reveal :0

Cailin Russo

I heard you sing the chorus on the Super Groupie track ‘Say You Want Me’, you’ve got an incredible voice. Where are you planning to go with music in the future?

Yeah those are my boys! I would love to work on some of my own music, singing and music is definitely something that runs in my family and it really feels good to HEAR a finished product as opposed to seeing one … I love singing and would like to have an album of my own some point in my life.

Lastly, what projects do you have in the near future?

I have a website coming along when I get home thats going to include some personal fashion trends I follow, healthy snacks and recipes, music I’m into and just updates in my life for people that care. I’ve written a few songs and learning the piano that I want to record and I think when I return to the States I’ll enroll in some acting classes and try to get my acting on! Cuz YOLO.

Favourites Right Now:

Website? Tumblr. Ooops.

Album? 20/20 Experience by Justin Timberlake I just can’t! And the ASAP Rocky album, it’s so good … ugh I’m such a sap!

Designer? Valentino

Meal? I love Sushi. Seaweed salad + salmon avo roll … and breakfast food. Basically every breakfast food.

City? So far … I really liked Tokyo, I couldn’t live there but it’s so amazing. And California, basically anywhere.

Interview by Lewis Wilde

All Photography by Ted Emmons / Except Image 6 by Tony Kelly


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