Download / Stream: Friends Of Friends’ ‘Show Me The Future’ Compilation

Last week we posted Ryan Hemsworth’s ‘An Overture Might Help Me Stop Thinking About You’ track which we’re still campaigning for MMG’s Meek Mill to jump on as it would end the world. Until that happens though, we have this ‘Show Me The Future’ compilation to keep us all very very happy. It comes from the inspirationally innovative Friends Of Friends collective and Hemsworth’s cut is one of seven tracks from seven incredibly exciting producers that look set for a huge future in the electronic music sphere. It’s a beautifully well-rounded compilation that features DJAO, Kid Smpl, Octa Octa, Dreams, PCoat and Evenings. It’s a superb introduction to some artists who 2013 will be seeing a lot more of, and rightly so. Download ‘Show Me The Future’ below for free (or make a donation – these people deserve it.)

Download: Friends Of Friends – Show Me The Future (Compilation)


1. DJAO – “Time To Stop Waiting”
2. Evenings – “Stays”
3. Pcoat – “Division”
4. Ryan Hemsworth – “An Overture Might Help Me Stop Thinking About You”
5. Dreams – “IN2U”
6. Octo Octa – “Smooth West”
7. Kid Smpl – “Snowscape”

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